Gassed Up Creations is devoted to producing fashionable apparel for all enthusiasts, or gearheads.  Whether one is into hot rods, rat rods, muscle cars, JDM, or Euros, no one is left out. 

Have you ever had the nostalgic reminiscence of years past when the aroma of uncatalyzed exhaust finds its way through the brisk morning breeze?  Ever have the gratifying feeling of accomplishment as you accelerate out of a corner after completing a perfect (to you at least) heel-toe downshift to rev-match?  As modern cars are becoming more automated and possibly becoming “self-driving”, the experience of driving, the skill necessary to operate a manual transmission, and the enjoyment of driving a car may soon become a thing of the past.  Gassed Up Creations' artwork is meant to capture elements of some of these masterpiece machines that have made a lasting impression on us in some way.

Gassed Up Creations was created by Bay Area native James Chan.  As a teenager, James would draw cars that teenaged boys dreamed of, except they would be modified from their stock forms.  These drawings would range from exotic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, to lowriders.  The line sketch style was honed through years of drawing and sketching (when he should have been paying attention in class!).  The cartoonish depictions of vehicles is James’ style that is influenced and inspired by the legendary Ed Roth’s Rat Fink cartoons.  Since life is a culmination of experiences and learning along the way, he continues to build his arsenal of knowledge and skills.  Maintain an open mind and keep learning until this highway we call ‘life’ ends.